Do you need huge Venue for fair or conference or concert or meeting ?

if you are looking for venue that 2.000 person capacity, we can present to you the best one. You can choose the area where you want to do and then we set up.

We have been managing:

Concerts, Grand Events,Indoor Horse-racing,Basketball &Volleyball Courts,Weddings, Grand Official and Martial Meeting,

Celebrations, Fests, Sports Contests, Grand Archaeological Digs , Fairs and Exhibition Halls.


Fireproof Fabric in Inside Surfaces, Air-condition, Heating  Systems, Floor Covering Options, Nondestructive Floor, Set up Chance, Side Wind Endurance with 200 Ton load, Audio&Lighting and Stage System are set up in anyway.

Transportation actualizes with 20trucks and set up takes 7 days. (From Turkey), Dismantling takes 3 days., There are floor covering options, Entry, foyers and toilets are set up with additional tents.